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Picture library and archive

The Daily Mirror was the first newspaper to publish photographs, and now our archives are here to help your creative projects. Read more.

Brand licensing

From Andy Capp to Kerber & Black, our 'toons have been making people laugh for more than a century... Read more.

Newspaper library

Use our headlines and stories to give context and impact to your production... Read more.


The First World War - Unseen

WW12014 will mark the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of the First World War. Daily Mirror photographers played a key role in reporting the conflict for our readers back home and around the world. Their work represents a major historical record of the war years, though to date it has remained largely unseen.

Mirrorpix are undertaking a major project to digitise our World War One archives and you can see some of the results as we add new images here...


For more information on the project and for publishing opportunities, contact us today

Life in pictures


Portfolio V is the latest e-brochure from Mirrorpix.

The Mirrorpix archives contain some 100 million images, so think of this as less of a formal collection - more of a quick and easy introduction to our archives.

Download a copy here and get to know Mirrorpix a little bit better